How it all started…

Wild Hive started with a bunch of ‘what ifs’…

What if… instead of working in house at one organisation to grow their impact, we could multiply global impact by working across multiple organisations?

What if… we worked flexibly around the rhythms and complexities of life instead of being bound by traditional working hours?

What if… we could improve the commercial marketing and communications, media and fundraising activities of faith-based NFPs and see their impact multiply?

What if… we could shape culture and promote strength and diversity among faith based NFPs instead of competition?

What if… we could mentor up and coming talent and raise the quality of the whole faith-based NFP sector?

What if… through our profits we could give back to the causes we believe in?

Maybe you relate to one of these statements

    “We’ve been advertising this role for months, but the work can’t wait. How can I access talent to help me deliver on the key priorities?”

    “We have some big items to deliver, but I’m worried about burning out my team.”

    “We don’t have the budget for specialists, but we really need them to meet our goals.”

    “I have been burnt by the big consultancies in the past. What are the other options?”

    “We’re heading into a busy season of growth and need some extra support. How can I grow our capacity?”

    “We keep trying the same strategies, and they’re not working but we don’t know what to do next.”

    “We’ve hired some freelancers in the past but they were too disconnected and don’t ‘get us’.”

    “We have big goals, and a small budget. How will we meet the challenge?”

    “We’re looking for a unicorn but they don’t exist and we can’t pay for a whole team.”

    If you’re feeling the squeeze, Wild Hive could be the solution.

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